Pass on something wonderful

Pass on something wonderful this Remember a Charity Week in your Will Week.

Gifts in Wills are vital for our work, helping to provide specialist support for children who are deafblind or have complex disabilities, and services that allow children and adults to communicate, experience the world and live happier lives. Find out how you can pass on something wonderful.

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Friendship trumps lockdown

Two young men talking. Friendship trumps lockdown.

We knew that Coronavirus, and the ways it has restricted all our lives, would also have a major impact on the people we support at Sense. It would be difficult for some of the people we support to understand why they were no longer able to see their friends, attend their usual centres, or go about life in their usual way.

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We need to talk about toileting

Orange brushstroke drawing of a leaf.

When your child can’t see or hear, how do you even begin to teach her to use the toilet? Kiera has complex needs but her multisensory impairment is what made toileting really hard for her. Her mum Ashling makes no bones about it: she felt alone and she definitely couldn’t talk to anyone about Kiera’s smearing. But she kept going, believing in Kiera and using her knowledge of Kiera to guide her. Read Ashling and Kiera’s story.

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Tackling racism

Tackling racism at Sense. Four hands holding onto each other's wrists, making a square shape.

Today, Sense is publishing its plan for tackling racism, recognising that racism exists within every organisation.

The plan sets out the steps that we are taking within Sense, through better and ongoing engagement with our staff and volunteers, changes in our recruitment processes and working practices, and a commitment to publish data about how well we are doing as an organisation.

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Identity – and why I’m determined to tackle all forms of racism

People adding jigsaw pieces to a person's head. Sense Chief Executive reflects on his own identity.

Last week, a report was published that highlighted the lack of diversity at the top of the 50 leading charities in the country. Sense is one of those charities and I have spoken before about the need for the sector to address this, and I am determined to address it head on at Sense.

As part of the report I was surveyed, an experience I found problematic, and it made me reflect on my own identity and how the way in which people perceive me has shaped how I see myself.

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Director of HR, Alison Bennett reflects on 30 years at Sense

HRH Princess Royal with a group of people at the Sense Finsbury Park office, including Alison Bennett, who has spent 30 years at Sense.

30 long years ago, three of my closest friends phoned me, independently of each other, to tell me that there was a job advert in the Guardian that I had to apply for. It was for a role at a charity I hadn’t heard of, Sense, supporting their holidays programme for children and adults with complex disabilities.

Fast forward to this week, and I’m about to celebrate my 30-year anniversary at Sense.

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Rathin and Ryan – Buddying

Freesia and Rathin on a Zoom call.
Rathin and Freesia on Zoom call

Rathin who is 19 was referred by his mother, Roshan, who approached Sense via the Information and Advice service. Rathin had been expressing to his mum that he had been feeling lonely and wanted to connect with people his age and pursue his interests. The Buddying Team met with Rathin at college and he spoke at length about things he enjoyed; specifically busses, travel, cinema but, most importantly, his desire to make some friends outside of his family. Rathin absolutely above all, enjoyed chatting and was hoping to meet someone to support him in navigating teenage anxiety, explore options for his future career, move into adulthood and meet some new people.

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We’re in this together

Two girls hugging with smiles

Throughout the lockdown, we have all been finding new and interesting ways to connect with one another. Social interaction has been incredibly important for everyone’s mental health, wellbeing and sense of connection. Across the country, the people we support have been finding amazing ways to stay in each other’s lives and supporting each other when loneliness starts setting in.

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Take Pride

Pride flag

June is Pride month. It marks the continuing importance of promoting the dignity, equality, and increased visibility of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) community. Pride and self-affirmation are the focus, counteracting the ‘shame’ and ‘stigma’ that many individuals have previously felt or been made to feel.

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